Installing drush

You might have heard about drush, or be interested in drush.
If not you should.
Drush stands for DRUpal SHell, and anyone who uses drupal seriously really should use it. This is because drush will allow you to install and update Drupal modules apt-get style. And it not only stops at installing and updating modules, it goes from installing Drupal to installing modules, to enabling and disabling modules.

So what do we need?
First of all Drupal, well you don't technically need that but you will probably want it. Second you need Drush. And third of all you need PHP installed on the command line.

So lets go.
First we check if we have PHP on the command line.
$ which php /usr/bin/php
If you don't get anything from this command then you don't have command line PHP installed. You might have PHP on your server but not on the command line. So let's install that first.
$ sudo apt-get install php5-cli
And now you have it. That was the hardest part. So now we download Drush:
tar xvfz drush-6.x-3.1.tar.gz

So we have downloaded Drush and installed it. All we need to do now is put it in our path.
cd /usr/share/bin
ln -s ~/drush/drush

And now we can just type drush. So I will get you up and running with a few commands, we will assume you are in your vhost directory:

drush dlWill download drupal in the current directory

drush dl cckWill download the CCK module in the sites/all/modules/cck directory, this works for modules as well as themes

drush en cckThis will enable the cck module, this also works for modules and for themes

drush upThis will update you Drupal installation to the latest version

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