Inline media in Drupal

I want more images than just one one my articles. I would like Drupal to manage them for me, so that if I change my theme I can easily scale them to another format. How would I go about that? That was my biggest problem, until I found the insert module. Once I found this module my problems only began....... So I installed it, and I thought that would be it. Think again. Exactly, it didn't work. I tried editing the image field, but nothing about insert was anywhere to be found. After a little tinkering I had a thought that it might be a module that wasn't playing nice. So I started disabling module, the most exotic ones first, and one at a time. After every uninstalled module I cleared all caches and looked if the image field was showing some insert options. A long time passed........ Finally I disabled the media module, I looked and..... Image removed. Success !!! It seems the insert module doesn't work with the media module. But since I only used that for embedding one youtube movie, I just went a discarded that. Youtube can do pretty well with its embed code.