Responsive theming for Drupal

Image removed.Image removed. I loved that fact that this was relatively small book, and I had some expectations. So let's dive in. First it starts off with what responsive web design is. That is good, but the rest of the book is going so fast that I hope people reading this book know what responsive design is, or they are going to get a really hard time understanding the book. Second they start off with what a Drupal theme is, and how you can extend them, add media queries, and add viewport meta tags. Third the author gives us a short primer on SASS and Compass which technically doesn't have to do with responsive design. A lot of Drupal themers use it, and for a reason. It makes your life as a designer much easier. So much for the basics..... At this point, the author begins to talk about three responsive themes. Aurora, Zen, and Omega. And while I could follow the author's train of thought, I had some difficulty doing it. I don't know why, but especially with Aurora I needed to install a lot of Rube gems, and I am not a Ruby developer. So it's probably just me ;) After all this, we have learned about responsive design and Drupal themes, and SASS / Compass. And we have seen some responsive designs. But the real part is still missing. How to make sure that on a phone we don't get the huge ass image. Luckily there are some common gotchas and tips. And I appreciate that because, without it, this book would be almost useless for responsive. Finally, it gives you some alternatives and tells you how you can compare themes. All in all a good read, and I would definitively tell people to buy this book. It could improve by, for example, dedicate one chapter on how to actually build a responsive theme based on one of the three mentioned themes, but still, I think it is well worth its money.