Say you want to change pages in your site.

No problem just change it, you say. But is that all?

  • Think of all the pages linking to your current site. They all get a "404 page not found" error.
  • Think of the search engines which will not produce the right results
  • Think of your pagerank which will vanish instantly

The answer to all of these problems are redirects.

What are redirects?

Let's say you have this page, and you want to change that to That will give you all the above problems. But what if you could say: If someone hits the first page (example) then automatically redirect to the second one (other_example). Wouldn't that be great? Well you can.

You have the site like above example. So now you rename the url fom <code>example</code> to <code>other_example</code> as demonstrated below.

Once you have done that, the old name does not exist anymore. So we are going to create a redirect. Go to Administer -> Site building -> URL Redirects and click Add redirect on the top of that page.