Upgrading D6 to D7 - not so hard as it looks

It was time I upgraded my site to Drupal 7. How to do that, sure I had installed some sites on Drupal 7 from the beginning but I had never upgraded a Drupal 6 site. So the first thing to do was find out how to do it, thus I started downloading Drupal 7. There was a file named upgrade.txt, well that is a good start. I read it, and thought: “Well this isn't too hard.”. The first thing to do was making a full backup of my site, just in case anything goes wrong. Having done this, I could start the upgrade process. The first thing I did was deinstall every unused module, and then have a really good look at modules that were installed, deinstalling every module that was installed but I did not use. The next thing was making a list of modules that could be deinstalled without any consequence, that is modules that didn't have any data in the database, or their data can be regenerated. I deinstalled those too. There I was, having only the modules installed that I really needed to upgrade. And according to upgrade.txt I searched if all those modules had a Drupal 7 version and an upgrade path. It turned out that I was pretty lucky, all the modules I had left have Drupal 7 version. Feeling confident I went and put my site on off-line mode, enabled Garland for the theme, and disabled all modules that were not part of core. And I went on to remove everything except the 'sites' directory, although the upgrade.txt says I have to back them up, but what the fuck I already did a full backup of the site. And so I went to download Drupal 7, and extract it into my web-root. I made my settings.php file writable and took a deep breath. This was it, now I had to do it. The upgrade. The moment I had been waiting for. All kind of thing went through my mind at this point. Did I perform the backup right, that if things went wrong I could restore it. What is the upgrade goes wrong, then what. But I went and typed it: wiredpea.com/upgrade.php... Those were some long minutes, but everything went fine. It showed me no errors. The site looked pretty fucked up, but nonetheless. I quickly figured the site looked fucked up because of Garland, so I changed Garland for Bartik, and the administration theme to Seven. These are the Drupal 7 defaults, and the site was looking good again. Here I was having a Drupal 7 site, that felt like some accomplishment. I waited a little, did a little happy dance, and went to work, because now I had to upgrade my modules too. The modules, the hard part. Well not exactly, because I did not have any CCK modules installed. Basically it was just remove a module, copy in the new version, run update.php. It was tedious but not at all hard.

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